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National Television Coverage of Poland's Prime Minister of National Defense addressing Directed-Energy Weapon Use
National Television in Poland aired a segment in which Poland's Minster of National Defense acknowledged that many Polish citizens have claimed being abused, assaulted, or experimented on with electromagnetic weapons. This video (in Polish with English subtitles) was posted to YouTube in March 2016. It is not clear when the original news story aired in Poland.


Chris Hedges and Bill Binney Discuss the Targeting of Civilians with Microwave Weapons, Among Other Topics
Chris Hedges talks to William Binney, intelligence analyst and NSA whistleblower, about the Washington Post revelations over the CIA and West German intelligence (BND) setting up a Swiss company, Crypto AG, to sell encrypted machines to more than 120 governments worldwide. From 1970 to 2018, the CIA intercepted foreign government communications. Among the countries buying the machines were France, Iran, the Vatican, and Venezuela. In this interview for On Contact, the two men also discuss how civilians may be targeted with microwave weapons nowadays.


Former Calgary Policy Officers and Their Co-Conspirators Are Guilty of Multi-Stalker Stalking & Organized Criminal Harassment

In June 2020, Alberta's top court upheld the convictions of two Calgary police officers for their roles in the organized stalking and harassment of a former city woman on behalf of her millionaire ex-boyfriend. In separate unanimous decisions, a three-member Alberta Court of Appeal panel rejected appeals by Brad McNish and Bryan Morton. Both officers had appealed their convictions in relation to a months-long stalking case in which current and former Calgary Police Service members were paid to conduct surveillance on the former girlfriend of Calgary businessman Ken Carter.


CBS Boston Reports on eBay Employees Charged in Regards to the Organized Harassment of a Natick, MA Couple

Six former employees of eBay, Inc., including executive level employees, were charged with leading a cyberstalking campaign targeting the editor and publisher of a newsletter that eBay executives viewed as critical of the company. The alleged harassment included sending the couple anonymous, threatening messages, disturbing deliveries – including a box of live cockroaches, a funeral wreath, and a bloody pig mask – and conducting covert surveillance of the victims. In this video, U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling announced the charges in a news conference in Boston.


Recap of the Second Annual Global T.I. Day

On August 29, 2019, protests and rallies were held in more than 20 cities around the world to raise awareness about the growing crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment. This movie is a recap of that coordinated global event, which marked the Second Annual T.I. Day.


Dr. Michael Hoffer, Physician Who Examined Numerous Victims of Microwave Weapon Attacks

On August 21, 2018, SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM/J5 Donovan Group, hosted a Radical Speaker Series covering neuroweapons after several individuals at embassies in Cuba and China incurred brain injuries following some form of focused energy intrusion or attack. Dr. Hoffer examined many of the victims close to the acute phase of their injuries, when their recounting of the attacks and real-time symptoms were untainted by the misleading and confused stories that appeared later in the mainstream media.


Dr. James Giordano on Neuroweapons, Directed-Energy, and “Embassy Encephalopathy”

On August 21, 2018, Dr. Giordano spoke at SOFWERX’s Radical Speaker Series on neuroweapons and the attacks on the U.S. and Canadian diplomats stationed in Cuba and China. Dr. Giordano gave an overview of the injuries incurred and provided a forensic assessment of how such insult could be produced. He acknowledged the consumer availability of focused electromagnetic pulse devices that could have been adapted into weapons capable of causing the injuries suffered by the diplomats. Yet, he did not openly infer the reasonable and logical extension of that idea: that such widely obtainable devices would be readily available to everyday criminals inside the U.S.A. to support a variety of criminal activities.


Dr. Carey Balaban Discusses the Cuba Embassy Workers’ Directed-Energy Injuries and a Large Body of Research on Directed-Energy Bio-Effects

On August 21, 2018, Dr. Balaban spoke at SOFWERX’s Radical Speaker Series on neuroweapons and the recent energy-weapon attacks in Cuba and China. Dr. Balaban summarized basic research from the 1960s through the 1990s (much of it by the U.S. Navy) on the effects of acoustic and electromagnetic energy exposures, some of which are likely relevant to the directed-energy attacks that injured the U.S. and Canadian officials in Cuba and China. Dr. Balaban made it clear that there are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices that produce exposures approaching those that were likely experienced by the injured officials.


Dr. James Canton Addresses Threat Actors and Scenarios Potentially Driving Weaponized Neurotechnology

On August 21, 2018, Dr. Canton spoke at SOFWERX’s Radical Speaker Series on neuroweapons and the attacks on the U.S. and Canadian officials stationed in Cuba and China. He discussed the Global Dark Networks, which are evident today in cyberwar, as leading-edge models for how various state and non-state actors might engage neuroweaons for nefarious purposes. However, he remained silent about the fact that many thousands of credible U.S. citizens have been alleging directed-energy weapon and neuroweapon assaults on U.S. soil in recent years. Moreover, none of his proposed scenarios for possible actors and motives behind the Cuba and China incidents addresses the widespread covert domestic use of such weapons that is happening today in North America, Europe, Asia, and other world regions. Dr. Canton remained silent about this widespread nefarious activity, even though it could be explained readily by the emergence of high-tech, for-profit criminal harassment networks, the nonconsensual testing of directed energy bio-effects on citizens in different countries, and/or other possibilities not addressed in Canton’s presentation. While none of these additional possibilities has been openly confirmed, they should be considered for the sake of public safety inside the USA and other countries.


Helena Csorba’s Credible Recounting of Repetitive Directed-Energy Assaults in Etna, PA, before the Energy-Weapon Assaults in Cuba and China Took Place

Helena Csorba is a retired civil engineer and victim of repetitive assaults and torturous harassment with pulsed high-power microwave and through-wall radio frequencies. These crimes have been perpetrated against her in the Borough of Etna, near Pittsburgh, PA. In this 2018 interview, Helena explains how Through-The-Wall Sensors (TTWS) and through-wall radio frequency (RF)/radar surveillance devices, which the FCC classifies as "radiolocators" and "intentional radiators", are almost certainly a critical part of the integrated microwave weapons systems and RF harassment devices being used to assault and persecute individuals who are criminally targeted with these dangerous devices and "less-lethal" weapons.



First Annual Global Targeted Individual Springtime Rally in April 2019

Victims of electronic harassment with energy weapons and/or organized, multi-stalker stalking held joint protests in several cities in North America, Europe, and Asia on April 26 and 27, 2019, to raise public awareness about these growing threats to public safety and human rights. This video documents that global initiative, known as the T.I. Springtime Rally.


First Annual Global T.I. Day on Aug. 29, 2018

Victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment and their non-targeted advocates held joint rallies in several cities in North American, Europe, and Asia on August 29, 2018. The purpose was to raise public awareness about high-tech threats to public safety and human rights that are already destroying lives in communities all over the world. This video documents that global initiative, which is know by some as “Targeted Individual Awareness Day”.


Montage of Rallies around the World on T.I. Day 2018

This video documents the protests, rallies, and awareness-raising events focused on organized stalking and electronic harassment, which were held around the world on August 29, 2018. The cities with joint rallies that day, in the order shown in the video, are: Lansing, Michigan; Boston, Massachusetts; San Diego, Fresno, and Berkeley, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York City; Vancouver, Canada; Paris, France; Incheon, South Korea; London, England; Warsaw, Poland; Bangkok, Thailand; Tokyo, Japan; and Chicago, USA.


Former NSA Officials William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe Support Targeted Individuals – Part One

Prominent former NSA officials and whistleblowers, William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe, support targeted individuals in their struggle to stop organized stalking and electronic harassment. This video is a recording of Ella Free’s Talkshoe interview of these two men on October 6, 2016.


Former NSA Officials William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe – Part Two (Global T.I. Survey)

NSA whistleblowers William Binney and J. Kirk Wiebe discuss the Global Targeted Individual Survey, which was organized by two prominent T.I. activists in New England (Karla and Cait).


San Bruno City Council Hears of Epidemic of Covert Criminal Harassment Happening in San Bruno and the Rest of the Bay Area

A representative of the Bay Area Support Group gave a short, impactful presentation on covert harassment to the San Bruno City Council during its meeting on February 12, 2019. The presenter spoke during the public comments portion of the meeting. He and his group asked the San Bruno City Council to pass a resolution condemning the pervasive criminal problem of covert harassment, which is threatening public safety and damaging human capital in the Bay Area and many other places.


A Moving Plea for Assistance from Targeted Individuals, Recorded in 2014 by Tom from NJ and His T.I. Support Group

Upstanding targeted individuals of all walks of life, races, genders, and professional backgrounds speak out in this short, inspirational video. They also sent a plea for action to then-President Barak Obama. Video organized by Tom from New Jersey (filmed January 11, 2014).


​ABC 10 News Story on “Community Stalking” (2016)

Televised ABC 10 News story about a San Diego mother who was (and may still be) the victim of “community stalking” (news piece by Brian Shlonsky; published October 13, 2016).


ABC News 20/20 Covers Illegal Noise Campaign by Emergency Services (2014)

Televised ABC News 20/20 story about a prolonged campaign of community harassment perpetrated against Rick and Cindy Krlich in Hubbard, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Krlich documented convincing evidence that an unlawful harassment campaign was orchestrated by John Clemente, as retribution for legal real estate dealings by Rick and Cindy Krlich. The video evidence presented here demonstrates that some Hubbard firemen, police officials, and school bus drivers conspired with local residents to harass and intimidate Rick and Cindy over a petty real estate deal. The noise campaign shown in this video (published on May 3, 2014) is a classic “gang stalking” tactic.


Dr. Sean Andrews and Dr. Matt Talk about Targeting (2018 Interview)

Ella Free interviews two targeted individual scientists, Dr. Sean Andrews and Dr. Matt, on the number one listener supported talk radio station on the Internet. This show was recorded on June 22, 2018.


Striking Evidence of Microwave Assaults (Vancouver, Canada, 2015)

Dr. Matt shows and explains two striking beam marks that were electromagnetically emblazoned into the window of his apartment (Apt. 1501 at 1189 Howe Street) in Vancouver, British Columbia in December, 2015, during a campaign of extreme microwave attacks on him from perpetrators in nearby buildings. The leadership of a property management company, which is involved in an expansive criminal harassment network and domestic terror group in Vancouver, orchestrated and ordered this assault on Dr. Matt, after he witnessed repeated instances of illegal, after-hours activities in the commercial building at 1190 Hornby St. The beam marks (i.e., beam cross-sections) in Matthew's rental apartment at 1501-1189 Howe St. are exact matches for a “concentric ring resonator waveguide”, a device that can be used to direct weaponized microwave radiation into non-spreading beams for extremely harmful attacks on others.


Targeted Individuals in Japan and Mr. Terukatsu Ishibashi

Three Japanese T.I.s give testimony (in English) about “electromagnetic wave attacks” and associated crimes perpetrated against them. A video clip is also shown of a targeted individual march in Osaka, Japan on October 13, 2013, which was organized by human rights activist Mr. Terukatsu Ishibashi.


Edward Snowden Talks about the Surveillance State

Surveillance abuse whistleblower Edward Snowden talks about the history of the surveillance state and covert operations run by U.S. intelligence agencies.


Richard Syrett’s Documentary on Targeted Individuals

This television program, hosted by Richard Syrett, never aired in the U.S. However, it was aired in Japan (in English with Japanese subtitles), as shown in this video.


Eleanor White’s Classic Interview on Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment (OS/EH) by Sueann Campbell

Eleanor White’s extremely informative interview (with Targeted Victim Sueann Campbell) on “vigilante stalking and the covert use of advanced electronic weapons on vigilante stalking targets”. Ms. White is an engineer. She was one of the first prominent North American activists who spoke out against organized stalking and electronic harassment, and she continues to work behind the scenes against these crimes.


Julianne McKinney’s Classic Interview with Greg Szymanski, on Within-Community Terrorism via Directed-Energy Assaults

Greg Szymanski’s one of a kind interview with Julianne McKinney, who has a military background and is an expert in electronic harassment and surveillance. Ms. McKinney was one of the first highly credible people to speak out and write about electronic harassment and the criminal use of radio frequency directed-energy weapons on civilian targets.


Informative Scientific Presentation on Electronic Harassment and Within-Community Terrorism by Organized Crime Networks (2017)

This is Dr. Matt’s full PowerPoint presentation from the First Annual Unity and Hope Conference for Targeted Individuals in Boston, MA on October 21, 2017. Dr. Matt's talk and slide show deal with what is commonly termed "electronic harassment", which can amount to no-touch microwave torture with directed-energy devices in extreme cases.


Ed Gillham Explains Evidence Gathering for Electronic Harassment

Retired rocket scientist and targeted individual Ed Gillham explains how to gather evidence of unlawful energy-weapon assaults. This interview with Ella Free was recorded on Talkshoe on October 27, 2016.


Super Lawyer Gerald Dibble Talks about Electronic Harassment

Attorney Gerald W. Dibble (of Dibble & Miller, P.C., Rochester, NY) has been selected as a Super Lawyer each year since 2010. Mr. Dibble is aware of the targeting crimes being perpetrated against citizens in the United States of America and elsewhere. In this interview (recorded January 21, 2017), Attorney Dibble discusses issues and strategies relating to the legal demonstration of “involuntary/unwanted, harmful, electronic intrusions or targeted assaults”, which is probably how electronic harassment or electromagnetic assault and battery will need to be framed for successful civil litigation in the near future.



Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower Interviewed by Lars Drudgaard

Mr. Lars Drudgaard of ICAACT (International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies) interviews Mr. Barrie Trower, who shares his expertise on microwave weapons and other exotic weaponry.


Materials Scientist and Chemist Dr. Sean Andrews’ First Interview

Dr. Sean Andrews shares his in-depth analysis of the targeting phenomenon in this lecture, titled “What Is Targeting and What Is a Targeted Individual?” Recorded on November 2, 2016, for Ella Free’s Triumph Over Targeting Podcast.

Former NSA Analyst Karen Stewart

​Karen Stewart describes organized stalking and electronic harassment crimes that were perpetrated against her and linked to her former employment with the National Security Agency. This interview with Ella Free was recorded on September 23, 2017.

Doreen Dotan (of Israel) Speaks out on Targeting

Doreen Dotan shares her perspectives on electronic harassment and covert electromagnetic assaults, and how targeted individuals can best deal with these high-tech crimes of intimidation, revenge, and persecution.


George Webb

Journalist George Webb discusses the global targeted individual crisis with Ella Free on February 14, 2017.


David Voigts, Former Officer in the U.S. Navy

Former Naval Officer, David Voigts, has a degree in Control Systems Engineering, and he served in Electronic Warfare and Nuclear Billets. While in the service he became aware of the plight of targeted individuals. He started connecting with targeted individuals online in the hopes of becoming targeted himself, so he could more effectively speak out about the targeting phenomenon and contribute to exposing these 21st Century crimes.


Mr. David Voigts and Dr. Matt

Former Naval Officer and control systems engineer David Voigts and neuroscientist Dr. Matt give their perspectives on the horrendous crimes being perpetrated against “targeted individuals”. They also discuss how we might start finally bringing these rapidly growing crimes under control.


Robert Butner, Former U.S. Army Special Forces Soldier

Ella Free interviewed Mr. Robert O. Butner for the March 6, 2018 episode of Triumph Over Targeting. In this interview, Mr. Butner discussed civilian targeting with electromagnetic weapons, the new face of transnational organized crime and a very serious situation for the U.S. government (owing to the crime's pervasiveness and the challenges it poses to traditional law enforcement). Mr. Butner is a mechanical engineer and a U.S. Army veteran, who served in Special Operations. For about 30 years he has been the victim of organized stalking, so-called “electronic harassment”, and assaults and torture with electromagnetic weapons. He has long given levelheaded advice and support to many other victims of these perverse crimes, which are being carried out on U.S. soil against many U.S. citizens. Butner maintains a website on these topics called “rob files”.


Mr. Stephen Baysden (Texas)

Stephen Baysden is a very credible spokesman on the sprawling organized crime of vigilante stalking. Baysden was a prominent participant in the First Annual Unity and Hope Conference for Targeted Individuals in Boston, MA on October 21, 2017. In this interview, which was recorded just a few weeks after that conference, Baysden discusses global retaliatory harassment crimes.


Testimony and Advice from a Neurobiologist – Part One

Dr. Matt has compelling evidence that he was criminally targeted with organized stalking tactics and severe microwave harassment in Vancouver, British Columbia, by a vigilante-style group of white-collar criminals affiliated with one of Vancouver’s largest property management companies (located at 1190 Hornby Street). Apparently, the motive behind the targeting of Dr. Matt was to drive him away from Vancouver after he learned too much about the operations and personnel of a criminal harassment network in the heart of downtown Vancouver (operating right across the alley from his apartment). This interview with Ella Free was recorded on February 7, 2017.


Dr. Matt's Testimony about His Targeting – Part Two

In this interview with Derrick Robinson of PACTS International (People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance, International), Dr. Matt shares more information about the criminal targeting he experienced while residing in Apt. 1501 at 1189 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Dr. Matt also describes unique physical evidence, which he removed from his apartment in Vancouver, and which may be directly related to some of the microwave assaults that were perpetrated against Matthew inside that apartment. Recorded on June 3, 2017.


Dr. Matt's Testimony about His Targeting – Part Three

In this interview with Dr. Paul Marko, Dr. Matt gives his perspective on the growing crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment, and he recounts more of the horrific details of his own targeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Recorded on June 28, 2017.


Dr. Matt's Testimony about His Targeting – Part Four

In his second and final interview with Ella Free, Dr. Matt shares even more details about the crimes perpetrated against him in Vancouver, Canada, by an organized group of criminals (operating out of 1190 Hornby Street) who conspired to intimidate and harm him with energy weapon assaults. Recorded on September 16, 2017.


Dr. John Hall (Texas)

Dr. John Hall gives a recorded message to the First Annual Unity and Hope Conference for targeted individuals, which took place October 20-22, 2017. In his message, Dr. Hall focuses on the so-called “sonic attacks” (very likely covert microwave attacks) on U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Havana, Cuba (late 2016-2017), which are directly relevant to the victimization of targeted individuals around the world. Though not a targeted individual himself, Dr. Hall has a deep understanding of the genuine covert harassment and energy-weapon assaults experienced by targeted individuals.