The United Nations Addresses

The Crimes Associated With The Targeting Of Singled-Out Individuals, Often Referred To As

"Targeted Individuals".

FFTI's response to the UN's Request for Information (RFI) on torture was accepted and published on the website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Click here to read FFTI's letter to the UN.


Other responses from targeted individuals and NGOs advocating for targeted individuals were also accepted by the UN and posted on their website.


Click here to see the full set of responses.


The letter from FFTI, created by Dr. Matt, may be found by clicking on the linked text, "Freedom For Targeted Individuals". This letter is an excellent resource to help targeted victims get support from their non-targeted friends and family. It may also serve as a useful resource to potentially motivate local governments and law enforcement to finally start taking these crimes seriously. You may remind people that the United Nations is not in the business of posting fanciful or frivolous materials on their website. Many people, including those at the UN, are aware that targeting crimes are destroying the lives of many thousands of people all around the world.

People are speaking out against the criminal use of directed-energy weapons all over the world.