Introducing the FFTI Activism Kit


FFTI is pleased to provide the following images and documents to all persons interested in raising awareness about the plight of targeted individuals. This includes educating the general public, law enforcement, and lawmakers about the growing crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment. Some suggested uses of the following images and documents for activism purposes are given below. FFTI endorses only the responsible and legal use of this material, as protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Awareness raising for free


  • Post any image below to social media. Email one of the flyers below to a friend or relative.

Activism for under $1


  • Make a color printout of the eye-catching image of your choice (below) on letter-sized paper, or design your own image. Post the image on a public bulletin board or any other creative spot in public where images can be legally posted. Use your imagination and be bold.

  • Or, make a two-sided copy of one of our flyers (below). Write a one-page letter (one-sided) to your local, state, or national elected representative, expressing your concerns about the growing crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment, which are not being counteracted at all by law enforcement. Mail both documents together to the desired recipient.

Activism for under $20


  • Make color printouts of a few of the eye-catching images (below) on letter-sized paper. Spend the rest of your $10 – $20 budget on multiple color copies of one of our flyers (also below).

  • Where permitted by law, arrange the flyers along a sidewalk or on the grass, a bench, or a table in a public area frequented by other people. (Small stones or weights can be used to keep the sheets of paper from blowing away.) The images below are designed to attract people's attention from a distance of several feet.

  • Have several copies of the flyers available to give to everyone who shows interest in the images. Supplement the flyers with your own statements about the harm done to targeted victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment, which are serious crimes. The two flyers below are official FFTI flyers. You can tell anyone that our human rights, anti-crime, anti-corruption, pro-justice, and targeted individual advocacy organization stands behind the messaging in these flyers.

The images below can be downloaded by right-clicking them on your laptop or desktop computer (or by pressing and holding them on your smartphone) and then choosing “Save Image As…”. Once saved to your device, they can be posted directly to social media, or the saved file(s) can be taken on a USB flash drive to a nearby office supply store for printing. PDFs of the flyers can be downloaded by clicking on the red and white PDF icons (below) and then clicking on the download icon (downward pointing arrow) at the top of the browser window.

Official FFTI Activism Flyer (short version)

Official FFTI Activism Flyer (long version)


One of the very best ways to reduce your organized stalking (a.k.a. gang stalking) is to distribute information on our topics in the form of flyers. This is also an excellent way to educate the public. In our opinion, the only way these nefarious programs are going to stop is by educating the public in any and all ways possible. We need the public on our side. This will happen when other members of society become aware that they and their loved ones are also at risk of being victimized by these horrendous crimes.



We cannot express enough how critically important our message is and how essential it is to consideration your "audience" while speaking on our matters. Please refer to the following for more information on this subject: (Michael Bell Article)

Tips for New Targeted Individuals:  


1. Get connected.


2. Inform yourself.


3. Start doing activism. (Don't be passive. Do activism!)


What does this mean?


1. Get connected: Reach out to T.I. leaders and those doing regular T.I. support. Go on the conference calls. Start communicating with other targeted individuals. Most community leaders have extensive contact lists. Be somewhat cautious when connecting to other T.I.s, but give people a chance. You can also devote time to supporting other targeted individuals in need of advice or help. You don't need to be an expert. You only need to lend a sympathetic ear and use common sense. Maintaining and nourishing your spiritual practices and connections to family, friends, and community are extremely important. The larger and more connected our community becomes the more power we have.


2. Inform yourself: This is a big topic, and there's quite a bit of confusion and misinformation out there. Consult a variety of sources, and always try to be a critical thinker. Read. Read. Read. Listen to high-quality podcasts and YouTube videos, and try not to reach sweeping, unfounded conclusions. We all want answers, but we won't get detailed answers until these crimes are officially tackled. Nevertheless, the resources that are available capture what is going on in general and convincingly demonstrate that tens of thousands of other people around the world have been similarly victimized. 

3. Start doing activism: The fastest way to get your targeting to stop is to contribute to exposing these crimes through activism. You can start with grassroots activism, like distributing flyers. Many victims see their "gang stalking" decline the more they get involved with activism. Talk. Talk. Talk. Speak about the issues in general without getting into the specifics of your own targeting. Wear targeted individual t-shirts; attend protests; join letter-writing campaigns; request interviews with radio shows and local news stations. There are dozens of ways to do activism. We encourage you to be creative, as long as you always act responsibly, professionally, and peacefully. We highlight important actions and upcoming events in our "Actions & Events" tab, so be sure to check that page regularly.


Keep the focus on activism and not on your story!!! The best way to combat this is by remaining engaged.