Coordinators and Board Members


  • Mrs. Ella Free (Coordinator, Podcast Host, and Director of Media Outreach and Marketing)

  • Dr. Matthew Aaron (Coordinator, Writer/Editor, and Scientist with expertise in neuroscience, signal processing, statistics, and bio-effects of RF directed-energy weapons)

  • Mr. Kyle Slaydon (Podcast Host and Community Liaison)

  • Mr. Spencer Carter (Community Liaison, Researcher, and Specialist in Promotions and Activism)

  • Mr. Earl Watts (Activism Coordinator, Events Director, and Community Liaison)

Advisory Board Members


  • Ms. Eleanor White (Engineer, Thought Leader, Community Liaison, and Activist)

  • Dr. Tomo Shibata (Social Scientist and Legal Theory Specialist)

  • Ms. Cait Ryan (Community Liaison, Co-Creator of the Global TI Survey, and Activist)