Our mission is to promote solidarity, communication, and coordinated efforts among groups of activists fighting organized stalking and electronic harassment, so that we can more rapidly achieve a world free from these growing threats.  

We are spreading awareness through 

our global billboard campaigns, speaking out on multiple media platforms, holding global rallies in conjunction with Alliance to End Targeting, and assisting others with activism on many levels.

We offer support to targeted persons by offering a crisis hotline, holding conference calls, assisting with support groups and connecting victims with others.





Have you seen one of our billboards or posters in the USA, or globally? To learn about the FFTI media campaign and about targeting crimes, read below.

Donate to the Billboard & Poster Campaign. When you donate, specify the city or region where you would like targeted individual awareness media to go up.

Digital billboard in Chicago, rolled out on July 1, 2019. The sign is on the east side of S. Harlem Ave. (Illinois Route 43), just north of W. 71st Street. The billboard is visible to the north of the Shell filing station and Circle K located at 7050 S. Harlem Ave., Bridgeview, IL 60455, on the opposite side of S. Harlem Ave. from the filling station (photo: Outfront, July 8, 2019).

Super King display on a Vancouver, BC TransLink bus servicing variable downtown routes (photo: Lamar). This display started on Mar. 4, 2019, and ran for 8 weeks.

U.K. billboard located at marker post 94.1 km along the London Orbital Motorway (i.e., the M25 outer loop) slightly ahead of the M4 and the exit for Terminals 1, 2, and 3 of Heathrow Airport, the second busiest airport in the world with over 200,000 visitors a day. This billboard stood just west of Hamondsworth Moor in the London Borough of Hillingdon (start date: Oct. 5, 2018).

Example of FFTI media displayed on 56 screens outside and inside the Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, next to the Sukhumvit MRT station in Bangkok, Thailand (photo taken by the ‘Anti Mind Control Thailand’ group, Feb. 14, 2019). We thank our partners in Anti Mind Control Thailand for helping us roll out this installation of our global media campaign.

Two-sided train wrap on an Expo Line SkyTrain in Vancouver, BC, Canada (photo: Lamar, Aug. 2, 2018).

Do you know about the “organized stalking” crisis?


You may have heard that Harvey Weinstein contracted private security firms, including Black Cube, to stalk people to suppress allegations that he had sexually harassed and assaulted women (Farrow, 2017). The problem of organized stalking is much more widespread than this. According to a U.S. Department of Justice survey in 2006, an estimated 447,000 adults (out of the total U.S. population at the time) reported being stalked by three or more offenders simultaneously (Baum et al., 2009). An estimated 52,000 people reported being stalked by 10 – 50 offenders in the same bout of stalking. When people who had been stalked by multiple offenders were asked if the stalkers “acted as a team or group”, 41% of survey participants responded “Yes” (U.S. Dept. of Justice, 2006).


A former Senior Special Agent-in-Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI wrote an affidavit in 2011, commenting on the widespread prevalence of this problem in the U.S. (Gunderson, 2011). On occasion, instances of organized stalking have also made it into the mainstream media (ABC News, 2014; Shlonsky, 2016), but in general, this growing problem is being ignored by both the media and law enforcement.

Have you heard about the “sonic attacks” on U.S. diplomats in Cuba and China?


Recently, dozens of U.S. diplomats serving in Cuba and China were harmed by covert energy-weapon attacks. Early media reports attributed these incidents to mass hysteria, but the harms suffered by the diplomats (including traumatic brain injuries without blunt force trauma) were later confirmed by medical diagnosis and MRI scans (C-SPAN, 2018; JAMA, 2018; Kuo, 2018; Golomb, 2018). The victims described an audible component to the assaults, often a high-pitched ringing sound. This and several other documented bio-effects strongly suggest that the attacks were carried out with pulsed radio frequency / microwave radiation from advanced weaponry (Frey, 1962; Lin and Wang, 2007; Hambling, 2017a; Lin, 2018; Golomb, 2018).

Did you know that thousands of self-identifying “targeted individuals” have been alleging energy-weapon attacks domestically?


In fact, many credible citizens started doing this long before details about the recent events in Cuba and China were released to the general public (Hambling, 2017b). For decades, radio frequency (including microwave) directed-energy weapons and through-wall radar devices have been under development for the military and emergency services (U.S. Dept. of the Army, 1998; Associated Press, 2007; Heath, 2015). Given these facts, FFTI believes that similar radio frequency technologies are likely being assembled (Maloof, 2012) and/or purchased on the black market by criminal harassment networks, which may be using these improvised devices to target and harm decent people for criminal gain, or just for sadistic fun in some cases. Tens of thousands of people worldwide are reporting being assaulted with microwave weapons, and the numbers continue to grow. According to the victims’ allegations, many of the criminal harassment networks appear to use a combination of organized stalking and electronic harassment to terrorize and harm their targeted victims.


Despite a preponderance of evidence suggesting that a very serious criminal problem is in the making, the police are doing nothing to counteract organized stalking and electronic harassment. A reason for this might be that collecting evidence is so difficult for victims and poses such significant challenges for traditional law enforcement. Nevertheless, revised government policies and updated law enforcement practices would definitely help stop these growing crimes, if only the general public were aware of how widespread and damaging the crimes are to a well functioning democracy and a prosperous economy.

What can you do to help turn this situation around, so you and your loved ones don’t become the next victims of these horrendous crimes?


  • Share this information with your family, friends, religious organization, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and local, state, and national elected representatives.

  • Attend a City Council meeting. Tell the Council Members that you’re aware of these crimes and want local law enforcement to start taking victims’ allegations seriously.

  • Write to your City Councilor, Mayor, and Legislative Representatives. Tell them they’ll only get your vote if they start taking action against these growing threats to public safety.

  • Demand action! We want a society that can and will stop these 21st century crimes.


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Digital posters by partner organizations FFTI and 'Anti Mind Control Thailand' in Terminal 21 Shopping Mall (Bangkok, Thailand, Feb. 8, 2019).

Another example of the digital media displayed on 56 screens at the Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, next to the Sukhumvit MRT station in Bangkok, Thailand (photo by the vendor, Feb. 8, 2019). We thank our partner organization ‘Anti Mind Control Thailand’ for helping us roll out this important public safety and victim advocacy media.

Digital billboard on the exterior of Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Bangkok, Thailand (photo by the vendor, Feb. 8, 2019).

Billboard located midway between Beverly Hills and Culver City, California — specifically, at 5994 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035. The sign was at the corner of Pico Blvd and Stearns Drive on the south side of Pico Blvd, right above the Green Table Cafe, across from CVS Pharmacy, 3 blocks east of Pico and La Cienega Blvd. (Photo by Kimberly K., Nov. 5, 2018).

Redesigned platform poster in the Vancouver TransLink SkyTrain system in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Posters like this were deployed in the Vancouver City Centre Station (Canada Line) and the Burrard Station (Expo Line) in Nov. and Dec. 2018 (Photo by Lamar, Nov. 2, 2018)

Billboard directly behind Public Storage, located at 10100 S La Cienega Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90304. The billboard support pole actually rises from the side of Irwin Ave., the access road behind Public Storage, but the board appears to sit on top of Public Storage at the back. This sign was visible to pedestrians and traffic on Irwin Ave. and to southbound traffic along the I-405 freeway. The billboard could not be seen from La Cienega Blvd. (Photo by Matthew A., Oct. 27, 2018)

East-facing billboard above The Jewelry Mender's store, located at 2041 Apache Trail #9, Apache Junction, Arizona, at the intersection with S. Main Drive. Also in the Phoenix area: north-facing red billboard at SUN Cylcery (5833 N 7th St., Phoenix, AZ), visible from Bethany Home Rd.; and west-facing yellow billboard at Jensen Precast (2410 W Broadway Rd.), located on the north side of Broadway. All three billboards launched on Sep. 10, 2018.

Billboard near Lansing, MI (launched Aug. 21, 2018, to celebrate the First Annual Global T.I. Day on Aug. 29, 2018). This was a NE-facing billboard on the SE side of I-69 (also the SE side of Lansing Rd.) between Hi-Way Mobile Haven (2600 Lansing Rd. #67, Charlotte, MI 48813) and the U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer (2440 Lansing Rd.). This location is approx. 3 miles east of the I-69 exit for Charlotte, MI.

Digital billboard facing east on Rt. 110 (or Elm Street), heading west in Salisbury, MA, just after Chris Auto Body (at 100 Elm St., Salisbury, MA 01952). Launched on July 23, 2018.

Platform poster in the Waterfront SkyTrain Station in Vancouver, BC, Canada (photo by Lamar, Aug. 2, 2018). The same posters were also placed in the Granville, Stadium-Chinatown, Commercial-Broadway, Yaletown-Roundhouse, and Broadway-City Hall Stations.

North-facing billboard along the 405 (southbound) near the exit for LAX Airport (Jun.–Sep., 2018). A large digital billboard with this image was also displayed in Lynwood (CA), on the south side of 105 (eastbound), heading toward I-710, at the intersection of Imperial Highway and Alameda Street.



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