Two New Digital Billboards Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area on May 15.  Help us get photos of them for the FFTI website.

About the Billboards:  The digital billboard image shown above will be displayed at two different locations (provided below) in the San Francisco Bay Area starting on or around May 15.  The billboards are not going to be displayed simultaneously at these two locations.  Instead, they are going to alternate between the locations on a weekly basis.  Unfortunately, we do not know which one will start first or what the switching days will be.  These are highway-facing boards, but we do not ask you to photograph them from the highway.  Fortunately, both boards are accessible via access roads.  Below are the freeway and access road locations.


Board 1 Freeway Location:  I-880 Bay Bridge on-ramp heading from Oakland into San Francisco, 600 feet south of where the on-ramp passes over Maritime St., just as you pass PODS Moving and Storage Company on the left.  The board is on the left hand side of the freeway for traffic heading toward San Francisco (Latitude 37.82163, Longitude -122.29872).


Board 1 Access Road Location (for safely taking a photograph):  Navigate to PODS Moving & Storage at 55 Admiral Robert Toney Way, Oakland, CA 94607.  There is parking on Admiral Toney Way along the side of PODS.  Park there and walk toward the elevated I-880 freeway.  You will see the board on a large pole between PODS and the freeway.  If they let you park inside PODS, you can also take a nice photo of the board that way.  This board is not to be confused with a nearby one directly adjacent to Maritime St.


Board 2 Freeway Location:  Highway US 101 heading south toward Redwood City and Palo Alto, just past Brittan Ave. and the REI Camping Store on the right.  The board is on the right hand side of the highway for traffic heading in this direction (south from San Mateo toward Redwood City).  The waypoint is Latitude 37.50372, Longitude -122.24520.


Board 2 Access Road Location (for safely taking a photograph):  Park in the parking lot for the REI at 1119 Industrial Rd. Suite A, San Carlos, CA 94070.  The billboard support pole is inside the parking lot, at the edge of the lot next to highway US 101, just behind Satellite Healthcare San Carlos, 1125-G, Industrial Rd.


Our goal is to get multiple photographs of both boards.  Both day and night photos are strongly encouraged.  Do not take photographs while driving.  Park legally and take your photographs from a safe location while on foot in a pedestrian zone.  For maximal image quality do not share the images by texting.  This tends to compress and degrade image files.  Instead, email the photograph(s) from your cell phone directly to  Thanks for helping us spread awareness.  We also encourage you to show the images to friends and family and to share the photographs widely on social media.

Watch the Official World TI Day 3 Motion Picture on YouTube, brought to you by FFTI.

TI Day Film.png

About the Film:  Medical scientists and the media now recognize that the recent high-tech assaults on U.S. and Canadian government personnel, which happened in Cuba, China, and elsewhere, were most likely caused by directed, pulsed radiofrequency / microwave energy. 

What is not being talked about is the fact that many thousands of people around the world are alleging that they are being similarly assaulted with directed-energy devices or targeted with organized stalking, which often accompanies harassment by directed energy.  For the general public, it seems too disturbing, often difficult to understand and accept the possibility that directed-energy technology and directed-energy harassment could be much more widespread than the occasional state-run secret mission for geopolitical advantage or the isolated instance of counterintelligence activity.  It is easy for the highest levels of law enforcement to deny widespread harassment with these new-age weapons because such devices enable invisible assaults through windows and walls and leave virtually no forensic trace.  This is what is referred to as plausible deniability.  

This 21st Century crime is guaranteed to expand until we finally start taking it seriously.

"World Targeted Individual Day 3" gives a voice to our growing community of victims and shows the global reach of these crimes against humanity.

To receive Support Suggestions, or are in need of assistance please email us @ FFTIORG@GMAIL.COM

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Below you will see samples of our ongoing, Global Billboard Campaign.

We have placed approximately 67 adverts and will continue with our campaign. 

Please email us to discuss placement in your neighborhood.



Freedom For Targeted Individuals Organization's

Mission Statement


Our mission is to promote solidarity, communication, and coordinated efforts among groups of activists fighting organized stalking and electronic harassment, so that we can more rapidly achieve a world free from these growing crimes.


What we are doing to

Raise Awareness


Freedom For Targeted Individuals raises awareness of how covert harassment crimes threaten public safety, human rights, and the rule of law. For example, we are continuing our global billboard campaign, which is now in its third year. We also speak out on multiple media platforms, contribute to global protests and rallies, and assist individuals and organizations with activism on many levels. In addition, FFTI provides advice and emotional support to victims of covert harassment crimes with the hope that some of them will have the strength to become activists themselves.


Read below to learn about targeting crimes.

Without understanding & addressing these growing crimes


Donate to our Billboard Campaign

When you donate, specify the city or region where you would like to see targeted individual awareness media advertised. Check out our billboard gallery to see examples of the billboards, posters, and bus signs that we've already rolled out.

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Together we are strong.



What are covert harassment crimes?


New forms of crime commonly referred to as “organized stalking” and “electronic harassment” are rapidly growing out of control, because they are not being counteracted at all by current law enforcement practices, existing legislation, or government policies. Victims of these covert harassment crimes include countless law-abiding citizens of working age, as well as vulnerable populations such as young defenseless children, disabled persons, and the elderly. Many military veterans are also victims of these reprehensible crimes. Orchestrated campaigns of intimidation, retaliation, and repetitive assaults are being conducted by well-organized harassment networks, whose victims live right here in your community and in many other cities and towns across the globe.

The 21st Century crimes of organized stalking and electronic harassment, which capitalize on new black-market technologies and can be carried out in a discrete and targeted fashion, are briefly explained below. Many people are unfamiliar with these covert harassment crimes, so the crimes are easy to dismiss, particularly because law enforcement and elected officials are ignoring these domestic threats to public safety and human rights. This does not make the crimes any less real or damaging to the well-being and prosperity of untold numbers of citizens. In certain hotspots, these organized criminal activities have already become quite serious, essentially amounting to new forms of high-tech hate crimes, RICO Act violations, and covert domestic terrorism within our communities. Many people are being seriously harmed. These crimes need to be stopped now. Our mission is to promote solidarity, communication, and coordinated efforts among groups of activists fighting organized stalking and electronic harassment, so that we can more rapidly achieve a world free from these growing crimes.


Organized Stalking


As documented in government statistics, government-published surveys, and communications from government agencies, about one in eight stalking cases reported in the USA, the United Kingdom, and Canada involves simultaneous stalking by multiple offenders (U.S. Dept. of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey,; U.K. Home Office Research Study, Reported incidents of multi-stalker stalking sometimes involve large, organized networks of stalkers. Typically, these stalkers are unknown to one another. Nevertheless, they form organized teams of offenders, who criminally harass victims nominated by others (U.S. Dept. of Justice data released by FOIA request:

Also known as "covert harassment", "gang stalking", or "contract stalking", this crime can manifest itself in different ways. Regardless of the precise tactics used, multi-stalker stalking is a crime that police currently will not address. This is the case, even though large numbers of victims are reporting these crimes and the numbers keep growing. Nearly all victims of organized stalking report being harassed for long periods of time by multiple community residents—mostly complete strangers. New offenders regularly join these harassment campaigns through time, making the crimes very difficult to document. Some credible victims report instances of corrupt police officers and other emergency service personnel participating in their harassment at times, suggesting that misuse of confidential law enforcement databases, watch lists, InfraGard groups, Citizens on Patrol, and so forth, may be done to terrorize and persecute upstanding citizens.

Wealthy individuals who want others to stalk and harass targeted persons may hire private security firms to carry out organized stalking campaigns—for example, when Harvey Weinstein hired Black Cube to coerce victims and reporters into keeping quiet about Weinstein’s alleged crimes (New Yorker exposé, Similarly, the firm K2 Intelligence has engaged in the criminal harassment of victims on behalf of high-end clients (Guardian article, Harassment-for-hire services are offered to clients of more modest means by Masters of Revenge, Alibis & Paybacks (NBC article,, and Nefarious Jobs (CBS article, Scientologists also engage in the organized stalking of people who speak out against the church’s abusive and corrupt practices (Business Insider article, In light of all the news reports, government documents, and reporting victims, there is no doubt about the widespread prevalence of multi-stalker stalking. Even though stalking is a crime under the laws of all 50 U.S. states, all Canadian provinces, and the federal governments of many countries (Stalking Resource Center Fact Sheet,, nothing tangible is being done to curtail this destructive criminal activity.


Electronic Harassment


The term "electronic harassment" applies to the so-called "sonic attacks" recently perpetrated against U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuba and China, as well as Canadian diplomats in Cuba. Medical doctors, leading scientists, respected reporters, and a "neuro-weapons" expert (and military consultant) have all concluded that the diplomats were most likely assaulted with some kind of directed-energy weapon, probably a "less-lethal" microwave weapon (peer-reviewed science articles:,,; New York Times article,; Dr. James Giordano’s recent lecture at West Point,

Officials do not want the general public to know that many thousands of credible individuals are also reporting being assaulted with directional energy-emitting devices inside the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and many other countries (Fortean Times, These devices produce effects very much like those reported by the diplomats in Cuba and China. Moreover, "targeted individuals" began reporting such electronic harassment and electromagnetic assault and battery long before the recent events in Cuba and China transpired. These energy-weapon assaults produce a correlated suite of bio-effects, often including: painful, high-pitched ringing in the ears, vertigo, nausea, intense headache, vibratory or pressure sensations, induced muscle contractions, sharp thermal pains, torturous electrified sensations, inflammation, burns, extreme weakness, and sleep deprivation. Some targeted individuals experience "V2K harassment"—voice-modulated signals composed of abusive messages, hate speech, and threats, which are beamed at them for extended periods of time. Known technologies can enable this extremely traumatizing form of harassment (American Psychologist article,; declassified Dept. of the Army document,; media coverage of MIT research, A massive market of directed-energy weapons and through-wall radar devices has already been developed for the military and emergency services (U.S. Dept. of the Army,; Fox News,; Motley Fool,; USA Today, Given this fact and the testimonies of thousands of citizens, it is abundantly clear that criminal harassment networks have adapted similar technologies, or acquired weapons illegally from the black market, to target people for criminal gain (DoD consultant,


Many of the criminal harassment networks use a combination of organized stalking and electronic harassment to coerce, terrorize, and physically assault their victims. This reprehensible activity is illegal and threatens public safety in our communities. Updated laws and revised law enforcement practices are needed to protect you, your family, and other loved ones from these growing high-tech hate crimes.


Known Bio-Effects of Radiofrequency / Microwave Directed-Energy Weapons*


*Including weapons that can be purchased from black market sites on the dark web as well as focused-energy RF harassment devices that are improvised from readily available "commercial off-the-shelf" (COTS) components


  • Stabbing jolts of thermal-electric pain starting on the surface of the body and penetrating deep inside.

  • Unusual patterns of inflammation, burns, burst capillaries, bruises, or other lesions on the surface of the skin (most often quite subtle; sometimes profound).

  • Intense, very painful headache with immediate onset and offset.

  • Torturous electrified sensations throughout much or all of the body.

  • Piercing high-pitched ringing in the ears, electronic chirping or dinging sounds, grinding noises, or synthesized voices (known as V2K or "voice-to-skull" harassment).

  • Sensations of pressure, touch, or vibrations.

  • Rapid onset of extreme weakness, incapacitation, or even total (temporary) paralysis.

  • Loss of balance, vertigo, and/or nausea.

  • Induced muscle twitching, involuntary muscle contractions (including involuntary body movements), or seizure.

  • Racing heartbeat, arrhythmic heartbeat, or other alarming cardiac effects.

  • Impaired breathing or shortness of breath.

  • Heating of the body or body temperature dysregulation (including hot flashes and chills).

  • Sleep deprivation as a secondary consequence of any of the above bio-effects.

  • Through-wall visual perceptual effects with no apparent origin, even in the dark or with closed eyes.

Note: Not all of these bio-effects are produced in all cases, because the criminals perpetrating electronic harassment use a wide variety of electronic harassment devices and energy weapons. Nevertheless, a hallmark of RF/microwave assaults is that several bio-effects start and stop as a synchronous suite of correlated effects, usually with surprisingly rapid recovery (or rebound) from multiple effects as soon as an assault ceases. Repetitive high-power assaults are capable of causing permanent damage to the hearing apparatus, organs of balance, and/or eyes. In extreme cases, diffuse mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury can be produced in the absence of traditional blunt force assault. Assaults with the most powerful of these weapons are potentially lethal, especially to the elderly, people with heart conditions, and other frail individuals.


FFTI's Primary Aims

(1) To raise awareness about organized stalking and electronic harassment: The perpetrators of these crimes are being allowed to act with complete impunity. As a result, the crimes are guaranteed to continue growing in prevalence and to have an ever-greater impact on the country’s human capital and prosperity. Educating the public is key to helping the influx of new victims cope with these high-tech threats to public safety, even if tax-paying citizens rightly deserve to learn about this novel criminal activity from publicly funded institutions.

(2) To demand that law enforcement starts treating victims with dignity and begins taking official reports of victims’ claims about organized stalking and electronic harassment: These crimes are vastly underreported, because victims put themselves at risk when they speak out about the crimes perpetrated against them. Currently, the vast majority of reporting victims are completely dismissed by law enforcement when they allege multi-stalker stalking or covert assaults with high-tech energy weapons, much like the well-documented claims of the U.S. and Canadian diplomats who were similarly assaulted in Cuba and China. Worse yet, some legitimate victims risk being placed on involuntary psychiatric holds just for reporting these crimes to law enforcement. These responses amount to extremely negligent and even abusive law enforcement practices. This treatment by law enforcement must stop. Such practices silence legitimate, tax-paying victims, and they actually facilitate the activities of criminals. Inaction and denial on the part of peace officers also impede the collection of crime statistics and data that are required for law enforcement to hone in on the offending harassment networks.


(3) To ask city councilors, legislative assemblypersons, and national elected representatives to pass modern legislation criminalizing organized stalking and electronic harassment in language aligned with the victims’ reports: Organized stalking and electronic harassment offences are already violations of existing statutes. Yet, such laws are failing to support and compel effective law enforcement against these extremely serious crimes. Penal codes need to be amended. We ask legislators to start showing real leadership on this issue by passing new legislation, so that modernized penal codes will dissuade would-be offenders from engaging in these organized criminal activities. This is a non-partisan issue. Constituents in every regional district are being adversely affected. Indeed, there is no reason for anything but broad legislative support on this matter.


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