Medical scientists and the media now recognize that the recent high-tech assaults on U.S. government personnel, which happened in Cuba, China, Russia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, are affecting an ever-growing list of victims.  These attacks were most likely caused by directed, pulsed radiofrequency / microwave energy.  The weapons used in the assaults fall under the category of Directed-Energy Weapons.

For several years now, investigators have struggled to explain the strange experiences reported by U.S. diplomats and other government workers — episodes that in some cases have caused traumatic brain injuries.  Victims have reported experiencing sudden vertigo, headaches, and head pressure, sometimes accompanied by a "piercing directional noise." 

The number of suspected cases worldwide is increasing, according to a recent statement from the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

What is not being talked about is the fact that thousands of non-military personnel around the world are alleging that they are being similarly assaulted by now-known pulsed microwave directed-energy weapons.  For the general public, it seems too disturbing to consider the possibility that these weapons are being widely used to harm people, and the authorities are doing nothing to stop it.  People find it difficult to understand and accept the possibility that directed-energy technology could be much more widespread than just the reported attacks on federal employees.  It is easy to deny the ever-expanding harassment and assaults with advanced radio-frequency / microwave weapons because such devices enable invisible assaults through windows and walls and leave virtually no forensic trace.


Attacks of this nature can potentially threaten any person in the world, especially since the components needed to manufacture smaller systems are readily available, according to Dr. Carey Balaban, an expert on this topic.  U.S. government entities may be reluctant to acknowledge the wider threat from directed-energy weapons because doing so may create a liability, owing to the government's failure to protect the American people from this modality of crime.




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Sample of included archive information:

The New York Times:

Published May 12, 2021; Updated May 23, 2021

The current administration investigates (pulsed-microwave frequency) attacks against U.S. personnel: 

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION has begun more aggressively investigating episodes that left spies, diplomats, soldiers, and others with brain injuries.

NBC News excerpts for a quick overview:

"The mysterious neurological symptoms experienced by American diplomats in China and Cuba are consistent with the effects of directed microwave energy, according to a long-awaited report by the National Academies of Sciences that cites medical evidence to support the long-held conviction of American intelligence officials."...

"The report was transferred to Congress after bipartisan calls led by U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat from New Hampshire who is a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees.  She issued the following statement: “The health effects from these mysterious injuries have tormented those afflicted.  Their illnesses and suffering are real and demand a response from Congress.  American public servants and their families – who have been targeted – have requested that Congress receive and review this report, so I’m glad the State Department heeded our bipartisan call so we can get to work." 

A team of medical and scientific experts who studied the symptoms of as many as 40 State Department and other government employees (as of May 2021, 135 or more have been reported), concluded that nothing like them had previously been documented in medical literature, according to the National Academies of Sciences report.

Many suffered longstanding, debilitating effects.

"The committee felt that many of the distinctive and acute signs, symptoms, and observations reported by (government) employees are consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed- radiofrequency (RF) energy," the report says.


"Studies published in the open literature more than a half-century ago and over the subsequent decades by Western and Soviet sources provide circumstantial support for this possible mechanism."

"While important questions remain, 'the mere consideration of such a scenario raises grave concerns about a world with disinhibited malevolent actors and new tools for causing harm to others."

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Our Efforts Include:  

  • Promoting widespread public awareness at the highest level using all available channels of communication.  We accomplish this goal through our ongoing billboard campaigns, peaceful protests in the community, media outreach, and more.

  • Reaching out to key lawmakers, in addition to maintaining relationships with the Senators and Representatives who are currently investigating this issue, in order to create protective and effective legislation on the Federal, State, and Local levels.

  • Strongly encouraging procedural changes in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, and law enforcement.

  • Encouraging the education of local law enforcement agencies about directed-energy crimes, with help and guidance from community and law enforcement specialists.

  • Encouraging coordinated efforts among groups of human rights activists and organizations advocating for public safety, so we can more rapidly achieve a world free from these growing crimes.

Symptoms & Effects of Pulsed Microwave Directed-Energy Weapons

  • Auditory clicking, high-pitched ringing, and/or a vibrational humming sound.

  • Stabbing sensations of thermal-electric pain starting on the surface of the body and penetrating deep inside.

  • Extremely painful, intense headache with the immediate onset and offset.

  • Feelings of intense pressure in the head.

  • Sensations of pressure, touch, or vibrations (e.g., the buffeting of the head).

  • Loss of balance, vertigo, and/or nausea.

  • Rapid onset of extreme weakness, incapacitation, or even total (temporary) paralysis.

  • Unusual patterns of inflammation, burns, burst capillaries, bruises, or other lesions on the surface of the skin (most often quite subtle; sometimes profound).

  • Torturous electrified sensations throughout much or all of the body.

  • Induced muscle twitching, involuntary muscle contractions (including involuntary body movements), or seizure.

  • A racing heartbeat, arrhythmic heartbeat, or other alarming cardiac effects.

  • Impaired breathing or shortness of breath.

  • Heating of the body or body temperature dysregulation (including hot flashes and chills).

  • Sleep deprivation is a secondary consequence of any of the above bio-effects.

  • Through-wall visual perceptual effects with no apparent origin, even in the dark or with closed eyes.

  • Concussion-like symptoms, which may persist for a long period of time.

Note:  Not all of these bio-effects are produced in all cases because pulsed radiofrequency/microwave directed-energy assaults may be carried out with different kinds of devices and energy weapons that produce different levels of exposure. 

Repetitive high-power assaults are capable of causing permanent damage to the hearing apparatus, organs of balance, and/or eyes.  Concussion without blunt-force injury is another known effect, similar to what medical tests revealed for the U.S. government personnel who served in Cuba and elsewhere.  Concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury, which is also a known result of pulsed radio frequency / microwave weapons.  The most powerful of these weapons are potentially lethal, especially to the elderly, people with heart conditions, and other frail individuals.



Coinciding with our Mission Statement:

We know that educating the public is the key to beginning to control these new, developing threats.  It appears as if much of the information is currently being withheld from the public, and tax-paying citizens rightly deserve to know what's going on in their country and in their local communities. Working in this direction is the mission of our organization.


It is imperative that we compel city councilors, legislative assemblypersons, and national elected representatives to pass modern legislation to criminalize the use of energy-emitting technologies that can be directed at citizens with the intent to cause harm.  We understand the importance of reeducation in the fields of Medicine (including Mental Healthcare), Law Enforcement, and Legal Counselling, as well as the critical need for creating Enforceable and Enforced Laws.


Our goal is also to demand that law enforcement starts treating victims with dignity through updated training for police officers.  These crimes are vastly underreported due to the fact that the press, law enforcement, and public safety officials are failing to consider everyday American citizens as possible victims of directed-energy assaults.  Moreover, victims put themselves at risk of forced psychiatric institutionalization when they speak out about directed-energy crimes perpetrated against them.  Despite the current news coverage of directed-energy assaults, the complaints of ordinary citizens about these crimes continue to fall on deaf ears.


The well-documented claims of the U.S. and Canadian diplomats who were similarly assaulted in Cuba and China were initially dismissed as being "Mass Hysteria," as reported by the mainstream and online news sources, government sources, and others in 2017.  As we now know, this turned out not to be the case.

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